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SoCore Energy is a Chicago-based company specializing in solar energy solutions for commercial, industrial, cooperative and municipal customers. Founded in 2008, the company quickly built an impressive client base and pipeline of solar projects with large retailers and other businesses. In 2013, it was acquired by Fortune 250 company Edison International and finally had the chance to take a good look at its marketing materials.

DoubleTake Design had the wonderful opportunity to learn all about this innovative renewable energy company and conduct a brand audit with its small but mighty marketing team. As is so often the case with fast-growing companies, their website and marketing materials no longer accurately communicated their service offerings or conveyed the great successes they had achieved. It was time for a brand revitalization.

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Before & After

dtd socore website before
dtd socore website after


The SoCore Energy corporate headquarters in downtown Chicago is right next to the “L” train, and the CMO had the great idea to take advantage of this visibility to thousands of commuters daily by adding some informational graphics to their office windows. We designed the signage and worked with a production partner to select material that let the perfect amount of light into the offices and oversaw the installation process.

SoCore Signage
SoCore Sign 1
SoCore Sign 2
SoCore Sign 3
SoCore Sign 4

Website Design & Development

We designed and developed the SoCore Energy website, and continue to update and maintain the site working closely with the Chief Marketing Officer. The long, scrolling home page tells an at-a-glance story of what SoCore Energy does, for whom, and why solar energy can be an excellent choice for electricity production. Much of the content on the site is programmed so that when a blog post or news story is added, it appears in different sections automatically, just by adding a tag, which saves on maintenance costs and places the content where people are more likely to see it.

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socore website image



Marketing Materials

Most materials are distributed electronically, but when handouts are needed, SoCore materials are printed locally using 100% wind power, responsibly harvested paper, vegetable based printing inks and ultra-low V.O.C. pressroom chemistry.

SoCore Energy Capabilities Brochure
socore marketing materials

Presentation Design

We created several custom Keynote presentations for SoCore Energy’s founder and former CEO. Here are some sample slides.

SoCore Presentation
SoCore Presentation
SoCore Presentation
SoCore Presentation
SoCore Presentation
SoCore Presentation
SoCore Presentation
SoCore Presentation
SoCore Presentation

Icon Development

Logo Guidelines

SoCore Logo Guidelines

Event Materials

dtd socore icon event 3

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"DoubleTake Design is very good at tying everything together into a consistent look and feel. Their design talents work at a strategic level to support the brand, as well as a practical level to support our sales and marketing needs.”
Chief Marketing Officer
SoCore Energy