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Cultivate a new relationship

Getty Images wanted to create a memorable gift that the sales team could share with new clients, most of whom are creative people. We had already designed and produced a small fold-out promo piece that held a business card and highlighted all of Getty’s products, so we came up with several concepts for fun items that could be packaged with the promo piece as an introductory gift.


Here are a few of the ideas that we pitched to Getty Images. They selected the Eggling concept, which celebrates new beginnings with their new clients.

getty thank you concept image 01
getty thank you concept image 02
getty thank you concept image 03

Marketing Materials

Welcome Kit

getty thank you welcome kit image

“Seed Package” Envelope

getty thank you seed pack front image
getty thank you seed pack back image

Business Card Promo Piece

getty thank you business card promo image 01
getty thank you business card promo image 02

Want to send your clients a gift that opens a dialogue?

"As the Regional Marketing Manager for Getty Images, I have used DoubleTake Design for years and am very happy with their unbelievable attention to quality, customer service and good value. Cathie, especially, will tell you things you don't always want to hear in order to make the final product the best as it can be. At the same time, though, she considers your original goals and objectives and answers them to perfection each and every time. I would strongly recommend their services to any corporate company, large or small."
Former Director of Marketing and Public Relations
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