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Finding the horizon line for an extensive rebrand

After being in business for a year and having integrated the three companies it had acquired, Edison Energy was ready to rebrand. The Chief Marketing Officer came to us with a new Brand Promise, Brand Attributes, Brand Pillars, Brand Persona and a new company logo, and asked us to help bring the concepts to life in a new visual identity system. Within one week, we presented five concepts for a new system, showing how everything from business cards to PowerPoint slides to a capabilities brochure could look, all aligning to the new messaging. The marketing team selected their favorite two options and then presented them to the extended team at offices across the country. Ultimately, the team selected the concept that was based on their Brand Persona, “The Harbor Pilot.”

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Website Design & Development

After the rebrand, we “reskinned” the original website, redesigning all of the graphic elements, but keeping the site structure mostly the same with the plan to build out the site at a later date. The video at the top of the home page changes, providing new imagery each time a visitor comes to the site.

new edison energy website image
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Marketing Materials

Edison Energy marketing materials include everything from white papers to executive reports, data sheets, case studies, flip books and an internal brochure that kicked off the rebranding campaign and explained the company’s new positioning. Most materials are distributed electronically, but when handouts are needed, they are printed locally using 100% wind power, responsibly harvested paper, vegetable based printing inks and ultra-low V.O.C. pressroom chemistry.

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Data Sheets image
Edison Energy case studies image
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Tradeshow Exhibit Design

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dtd edison new banner2 image
dtd edison new banner2 image
dtd edison new banner2 image

Presentation Design

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Infographic Development

infographics image
infographics image
infographics image
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Edison Energy Google advertising has included retargeting ads, driving traffic to the website to download a white paper and adding contacts to its database.

Edison Energy vertical digital ad image
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Want to reenergize your brand?

"DoubleTake Design was an extraordinary design and marketing partner. Over the course of 1 year, they created 2 complete "look and feels" for Edison Energy as we launched and then made a mid-course correction. They provided impactful creative designs both times with distinctly different corporate images. DoubleTake did significantly more than just create corporate images. They worked closely with us to roll out 2 full sets of marketing materials: websites, brochures, white papers, data sheets and PowerPoint presentations. What was especially valuable is that Cathie personally provided the glue between the various projects and deliverables. When we changed something in one media, PowerPoint for example, she rippled the changes through all the other form factors. She was great at project management and version control across all the various deliverables. It is great to work with DoubleTake."
Former Chief Marketing Officer
Edison Energy