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Identify. Protect. For Life.™

Advitam IP named their boutique intellectual property law firm after the Latin ad vitam, “for life”, because they help protect their client’s assets for the long term. We had the honor of helping the firm build their brand from the ground up, beginning with their logo and stationery materials, tagline, logo guidelines, website, social media presence, social media posting, and have continued to support their marketing efforts over the years. It’s exciting to work with this growing firm doing business globally because they’re always willing to do something creative and different!

Logo Design

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Logo Guidelines

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Website Design & Development

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Presentation Design

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"DoubleTake Design helps us to elevate our brand to new levels each year. As a relatively young firm of just over 5 years, brand visibility on a local and global scale is a priority for us. The team at DTD listens to our needs and helps implement creative solutions within a designated budget. We have seen our brand recognition grow over the past 5 years and DTD was integral to this increased brand awareness."
Founding Partner
Advítam IP, LLC